I've had my CalSluice #2[B] for a year now, and am hooked on it.  The low-velocity water flow under the grizzly works great, and fines down to 100 mesh are easily retained in both the v-mat and riffle sections of the sluice.  Large flakes and pickers are trapped in both the grizzly and, if knocked off, in the riffle section.  It's a delight to be able to shovel directly into the sluice.  The slick plate withstands the biggest rocks that my shovel will hold, and rocks as big as baseballs travel easily out of the sluice.  Only the biggest rocks need to be removed by hand.  The sluice length makes it easy to set up and obtain good water flow.

Thanks for a great sluice [...] !

Steve T., San Diego, CA.

John C (51742 bytes) The CalSluice guys invited me to join them on the East Fork of the San Gabriel to break in my new CalSluice #2B Box. As a newcomer to the hobby they made sure to show me the ropes. From site selection to sluice set-up, running material to clean-up I went from novice to advanced in the matter of 8 hours. The sluice is well built, works great and I have the expert advice now to get big gold!

Thanks Mario, Jaye & Bob

John C.

Steve's 5.5 dwt nugget (48152 bytes) Here is a picture of the 5.5 pennyweight (8.529 gm) nugget I found with the CalSluice [#2B sluice.]  [...] June 28th, [2009]

Steve D.